“How to Dominate Your Market with Direct Mail”

Tracy is the founder and CEO of Property M.O.B. the Makers of Bad Ass Investors. She has closed 950+ real estate wholesale transactions since 1998 using direct mail as the primary source of lead generation.   Join Tracy during this compelling session while she reveals:

  • The Top 3 Mailing Lists that you should be mailing to, where to get them, and why Absentee Owners isn’t one of them
  • Why Direct Mail can be your own and only source for lead generation
  • The most effective postcard message on the planet that will prompt sellers to call you right now
  • 5 Reasons why you should be ecstatic over a .25% response rate
  • How to analyze your marketing campaigns, narrow it down to the best performers and whack the ones that are garbage.
  • Why direct mail is better than online marketing all day, every day
  • The best way to manage your mailing lists, return mail, and angry sellers that call the cops on you
  • How to stop looking for list brokers and turn your existing mailing lists into gold mines
  • How to automate your direct mail campaigns so that you never have to fiddle with it again