Secrets Of Master Negotiating 

Steve Londeau is a veteran member of Property M.O.B.,winner of Battle of the Bosses 2017, and a certified Property M.O.B. Coach/Mentor.  He also produces and manages the “FlipThis” Podcast, and mentors new investors locally in his hometown of Detroit Michigan.

Join Steve during his awesome presentation at The Gathering that will show you exactly how to WIN more deals with Sellers, make BIGGER checks, and be fast on your way to the closing table.

  • Gathering the pertinent Information that you need to analyze deas in 10 seconds or less
  • What you should say to the sellers the first time you talk to them
  • How to ask all the right questions to help determine their TRUE motivation for selling the house
  • When to kill the small talk and set the appointment with the seller
  • How to probe at the problem and get an accepted offer by your sellers in a mad fast way
  • Why you shouldn’t use the condition of the house as a weapon as a negotiating weapon
  • How to tactfully present your offers to the seller and make it an offer they can’t refuse!
  • Magic lines to use to get the sellers to say YES and ones that will earn an extra $5,000-$10,000 every time
  • Discover why you NEVER want the seller to accept your first offer
  • How to present the contract without being intimidating
  • How to disclose to the seller your intent to resell (assign) the property
  • How to get full and complete access to the house so that you can show your buyers and what to do if you can’t get in