There’s real estate conferences, and then there’s The Gathering. In my career as a real estate wholesaler since 1998 I’ve attended hundreds of real estate seminars and conferences. If I’m being honest, they’re all basically the same format.

When I decided to put together an event for Property M.O.B. , the makers of Bad Ass Real Estate Investors, my goal was never to have the most people there and sell the most products. My goal was for The Gathering to be the coolest fucking real estate event anyone can remember.  

Don’t take this the wrong way, we have 2 days FILLED with content from people who are IN THE BUSINESS.  In other words, we don’t recruit professional speakers to the stage. Instead, we recruit our members, who we know for a fact are out there in their market doing deals and making things work for them! These are the people we really want to hear from. Nest of all, there’s NO SELLING FROM THE STAGE at The Gathering.

This event is meant to educate, enlighten and most of all UNITE you with other people who are like minded and want to achieve the same goals.  We’re all real people here. Everyone is approachable.

After the first full day of content, we have an awesome networking and social event which we call La Cosa Nostra. This evening party has a MOB theme, complete with Retro MOB attire, dancers, music, food, and adult beverages. People are enjoying cigars, hanging out and talking about the real estate business.

On Sunday, one of the favorite events is the Instant Action Tables. This is where you get an opportunity to actually TALK to each one of the speakers that you heard over the weekend and ask them questions!  How often do you get the chance to do this at a real estate conference? So many people took me to the side last year and said “Wow, this is so cool! You guys are real people, not people up here trying to sell us courses”.

The first year of The Gathering was in 2018, and people are STILL talking about the event from last year, asking if we’re planning on doing it again. The answer is YES.

We do like the small intimate dynamic that The Gathering had last year, so we plan to keep the event small in 2019 as well. We’re limiting the ticket sales to just 70 people.  This will ensure that the environment remains friendly and “family-like” and that your experience at The Gathering is one you’ll never forget. Make June 22- 23, 2019 an experience to remember and ATTEND THE GATHERING!

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  1. Paul Brown Reply

    Have you all established a schedule of what topics will be covered at this years Gathering? Please advise. Thanks

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