Red Carpet Photography


Red Carpet Photos of attendees will be taken at The Gathering

The Gathering is an event that you don’t want to forget about, so we’re going to make it memorable forever with digital red carpet photographs!  On Saturday morning, during the Registration process, you can walk the red carpet just like the Bad Asses do, and have your picture taken wearing your Mobster attire.

Brandon will be there with lights and camera to capture the attendees, and the digital images from the red carpet will be posted on Property MOB’s Facebook Page in an album, as well as emailed them to you individually!

We’re excited to be able to bring this exciting news to you. SEE YOU AT THE GATHERING.


My name is Brandon Cordy and I have had a camera in my hand since before I entered elementary school. There is something about capturing moments in photos that fascinates me. I study Advertising and Fashion Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design; here is where I’ve developed techniques and passion for my craft.


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